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Our 35 year legacy didn’t happen by accident. It takes acting with intention, ‘making deliberate choices to reflect what is most important to us,’ which is the people behind our brand: from our employees to our business partners like you. It’s simple in theory, tough in execution, hard work to maintain, and highly effective. Our brand tells a story of putting people first.

We intend to keep it that way through intentional transportation solutions with a purpose.

Our story

Owned and operated by truckers, we have the fleet and the logistics expertise to get the job done. We know the industry. We know its challenges. And we know how to move your business forward.

After driving millions of miles as a truck driver, Scott White was ready to put his experience to the test. He built a new type of trucking company – one entirely committed to its drivers and customers.

As the only person on the payroll on Day One, White personally met with every customer. More importantly, he stayed in contact and grew those relationships over time. No excuses. No surprises. No complicated or hidden fees. EVER!

The company carved out its place in the industry as a trucking company that proved true to its word. And soon, that reputation grew as AMX boomed.

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AMX operates across all lower 48 with four offices across Alabama and Georgia.Today,the AMX brand is now composed of four different divisions: three transportation and the remaining one, our on-site CDL school. The White Family has grown alongside the expansion of the AMX brand through the years, helping AMX maintain a true family-like culture and people-first atmosphere.

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AMX TRUCking: Driven by our success

All that matters is that your freight arrives at its destination on time and at the right price. Alabama Motor Express (AMX) has an impressive fleet of trucks, tractors and trailers equipped with today’s smartest technology to improve communication and timeliness on the road.

Starting off with on-time pickups, AMX is a preferred choice among all trucking carriers capable of handling any type of shipment, including:

  • Full Truckload
  • Refrigerated and Dry Van Freight
  • Dedicated Transportation
  • Specialty Drop-Trailer Services
  • Flatbed
  • Expedited Cargo Pickup And Delivery
  • Power Only & Drayage

AMX logistics: endless possibilities with 3pl expertise

AMX offers 3PL freight shipping services throughout the U.S. and Canada. Whether it’s dedicated or specialty freight, AMX can accommodate any capacity, budget or deadline, even in the tightest truckload markets.

We provide consistent service between our assets and our partner carriers – AMX standards are held across our entire network.

  • Contract or Bulk Pricing
  • Sport Pricing for Last-Minute shipments or End-of-month crunch time
  • Live Tracking & Afterhours Team
  • Same reliable service
  • Personalized Logistics Consult to discuss your specific needs, goals, and concerns

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AMX drayage: same amx expertise coast-to-coast

The AMX Drayage Division adds structure to our pre-existing drayage operations across the east coast. So, while the division might be new – we are not new to the game.

The same friendly, professional service you are used to is now supporting your drayage business.

Our fleet is experienced in hauling from the following ports in Savannah (GA), Jacksonville & Panama City (FL), Charleston (SC), and Mobile, AL. We are also:

  • TWIC Certified
  • Familiar with NAVIS Port System

Reach out to AMX Drayage for the following services:

  • Full service port to final destination transport
  • Access to our entire capacity network including the AMX Trucking fleet
  • Warehousing services such as transloading, consolidation, or storage
  • Company-owned equipment (chassis and tractors)

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AMX Academy: get your cdl & learn from the best

AMX Academy simplifies driver training. The academy not only trains drivers in skills needed to obtain their CDL, but focuses on safety and experience to prepare drivers for real-world scenarios. After all, drivers are our first line of defense for road safety. Learn from experienced professionals who guide you to success on-site at our driver academy in Ashford, AL.

  • Class A License
  • Upgrade Class B to Class A
  • Personalized Test Prep
  • Specific skills training geared towards modern trucking markets.
  • Affordable pricing

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What Types of Freight Does AMX Move?

dry van freight

The sky is truly the limit with the types of dry van freight experience at AMX. We haul:

  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Retail goods
  • Automotive goods
  • Building materials, including windows and doors, tile and flooring and more
  • Raw material supplies for manufacturers
  • Paper and packaging
  • Furniture

Temperature-Sensitive Freight

Not everything can go by dry van, and even some non-edible goods require temperature-controls, such as health and beauty products or pharmaceuticals.

Our fleet of food-grade reefer trailers is ready on demand and can help your goods stay viable and safe regardless of the transit distance.

+ more with our logistics team

  • Full-Truckload or LTL shipments
  • Diverse carrier base offering Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed, Container, Hazmat, Drayage + more
  • Specialized or Expedited Transport Services

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where to find us

Expanding Services
Beyond Alabama

Today, AMX remains family owned, employing hundreds of people across offices and/or terminals in Ashford, AL, Jackson, GA and Savannah, GA – as well as on millions of miles of open road between Texas and Maine and beyond. It’s a reach that few Southeast-based trucking companies can match.

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Company Overview - AMX (2024)
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