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Great flight- smooth, nice crew, nice clean aircraft, departed a little late but arrived 10 early.

It was listed on my ticket as Finnair but there was no indication that the flight was Finnair. In fact the number was even different. There were no employees there until exactly 2 hours before so we had to wait in line at Iberia and hope

The flight was Finnair but there was no indications anywhere that the checkin was for Finnair also. There was no one to ask. I think at a minimum they should list the code shares so people don’t stand in the wrong line for an hour.

I booked the flight with Finnair, which made the arrangements for downloading a boarding pass unnecessarily complicated. I wouldn't do that again. Instead I'd book direct with AA.

Flight ok, but me and other two passengers didn’t have connection with the entertainment in our seats. So, no movies, no games, no music… for 9 hours. The crew just told us that there’s nothing they can do but I noticed during the flight that there were empty seats, so they could have offered to us to change seats. Customer service could be better.

Finnair cancelled my flight 12 hours prior to leaving for Helsinki. They stated there were mechanical problems. I had to scurry around to find a new flight that would meet my needs for arrival in Helsinki. Luckily I was able to find alternate transportation through Lufthansa/United.

I’m very disappointed, to fly into an airplane for 10 straight hours, and not having a TV even though when I put the ticket I was told that I will have entertainment for the TV. Very disappointed.

Helpful steward. Allowed me to move to some empty seats and I was able to get some sleep. He also had milk for my tea. Americans don’t realise that cream or half and half ruin tea.

Security was a mess at the Helsinki Airport. But I was delighted by the connecting flight waiting for us for JFK.

Everything was quite easy from boarding to landing - the staff was great and service was excellent too!

Cabin crew on our flight showed lack of any customer service gruff and acting annoyed if you asked anything and I mean anything Example a man on the seat over dropped his beer on my husbands blanket We asked if we could switch out blankets cabin crew Said. No we don’t have any extras OK well can you take the wet one Cabin crew looked disgusted and annoyed Took it no OK or yes just a growl

Quick flight. But cabin crew were very noisy and talking too much, especially when we were seated at the back of the plane trying to sleep through the night .

My ticket was for Premium Economy and all the seats were taken, I was placed in Economy class and I’m looking for a refund.

Unfortunately delayed 2 hrs due to faulty tyre.. which had to be changed, but better safe than sorry.

The delay was an issue. Other than that. Every thing good

We were in the last group to be called to the flight - which was 30 minutes late taking off. While we were lucky enough to have been given bulkhead seats (due to a medical condition I’d told them about beforehand) the seats weren’t particularly comfortable. A crying baby for the whole trip made things worse, so the crew managed very well with coping. The final thing I’d say was that there wasn’t enough food served during the flight.

Very good. Glad we had Premium for the flight out.

We flew Upper Class from London to The Turks and Caicos. Check in was amazing. Our ldriver too us directly to a special entrance to terminal 3. It took 10 minutes to check in and clear customs. Amazing! The VA lounge is large and comfortable. Boarding the flight was easy and without a wait. The crew was excellent. But the seats were awful, strange and uncomfortable. Having a comfortable flat bed seat is the reason we pays 1000s extra. The VA 787 uses a reverse herringbone configuration. Look it up. You have your back to the window and are facing the aisle with no privacy. Turning the seat into a bed requires assistance from the crew so not very spontaneous. . The food was ok. A bit tasteless and meager portions. Had to pay for WiFi. I believe VA has other configuration on their dream airbus flights. Lots of stuff about all this on YouTube where you can see what I have been describing. I can not recommend taking VA on a long flight with these seats.

From the start everything was perfectly fine. First meal was fantastic. Breakfast needs a lot of work and food was overcooked and not very nice for breakfast. Staff were fantastic friendly nice they came round and check we need anything else to eat or drink

From the start everything was perfectly fine. First meal was fantastic. Breakfast needs a lot of work and food was overcooked and not very nice for breakfast. Staff for a fantastic friendly nice we came round and check we need anything else to eat or drink

Fast check in, easy to navigate, crew were very good, the plane was delayed due to a previous flight and I found the cleanliness a little lacking but overall it was fine

I would not fly with BA again. Packed in like sardines, constant request to turn down air conditioning due to freezing cold for hours and the food was pretty to look at but tasteless!

My wife and I paid for seat selection to be together. My wife and I were on separate rows and the excuse they gave was they changed the plane. Also, I have celiac and asked for a gluten free meal in the ticket profile which they did not have.

Seats, comfort level ugh. Crew was not attentive, only to coach

Pros: they tried to accommodate bc they forgot my gluten free meal Negatives: The flight was freeeeeezing Iberia didn’t communicate my gluten free meal

This flight was a code share for both Iberia and American Airlines and run by what I assume is a charter company Level. It was difficult if not impossible to get a seat assigned, check bags or use any customer service functions. I would skip it!

I called prior to flying to confirm our baggage allowance which was 5 bags. On our outbound flight thee were no problems. On the return flight we were charged for each bag totaling $400! We are working with customer service to resolve the issue.

Late boarding. Delayed departure leading to rushed connection at Madrid Barajas. Not necessarily Iberia's fault but delay loading cargo didn't help.

Everything was fantastic except the Iberia website and app… they left a lot of questions and induced much stress. But once on the plane, all was awesome.

I needed assistance and the staff at the airport and crew were very helpful and polite

The crew was very attentive and kept busy serving a variety of treats!

Offered vegetable curry when it was actually tofu which I don’t care for.

The flight was good the crew excellent…but take off delayed three hours!!!

Both mine and my husband's chairs were broken. Also it took 2 hours to get our bags after our flight which was wild.

perhaps eye contact with the cabin crew, instead of abruptness and an impatience to serve.

Not enough trash pickups throughout the flight. Everything else was great.

Overall good, the gluten free food is very hit/miss though and you must tell them you have an allergy days in advance.

All was good. The headphones they supply are of poor quality. The food is good but too much dairy.

Seating space was crowded and I am a very small woman.

I sat in the last row of seats. On an 8 hour flight they allowed folks to stand and talk and drink in the back area near the toilets the whole time. They were at times loud and in the way. It was a little annoying. The crew on this trip were pretty mediocre and the plane was littered with trash when we disembarked.

I loved the ability to upgrade my seat which was worth it. The large seat and ability to recline made it comfortable to fall asleep. My only two complaints were entertainment (movie selections were old) and approx 30 mins before landing the crew started to collect the blankets despite the cabin air temperature remaining cold. Maybe wait for passengers to get off the plane before collecting the blankets.

Excellent! Although it stinks to pay extra for leg room and then have no screen option.

Very much dislike: Airline requires check-in at the Airport Airline does not work with TSA PreCheck

Overall a great experience. Only complaint was the movie selection was pretty limited, but that's pretty minor in the grand scheme of things and easy to overcome.

The crew was unfriendly front check-in. The filth in the plane was so disappointing. I could smell dirt and looked up and there was literally dirt that was blowing in through the air. Old food on the seat back tray in front of me so I didn’t use it. No toilet paper in the bathroom and scum/old dirt next to the seats.

No blanket pillow headphones, not even a water or snack makes for a very uncomfortable flight. There are too many extra fees that should be basic and standard included.

There was no communication about the check-in process, even the fact that Norse doesn’t do online check-in! And once we were at the Los Angeles airport (LAX), there was no signage or assistance about where to check in. I kept Googling for 3rd party information until I finally found on the airport website that we had to check in at Terminal 1 and be bussed back to Terminal B, the international terminal. How were we supposed to know that?! Otherwise, the flight itself was comfortable and the attendants were helpful and friendly. I just feel like we were lucky to have managed the check-in and boarding process on our own - why keep it a secret??

The flight was comfortable, smooth, hardly any bumps even though we encountered some jetstream. The onboard entertainment could be jazzed up a little, the TV shows were old ans not much variety. The movies we ok. The staff was pleasant. The Orlando ground crew was excellent, they were pleasantand friendly. My kids and I were seated separately but the Orlando crew was able to reassign us together. The ground crew at Gatwick, UK need some work on attitude, they were not so sociable. All in all wonderful flight to and from England. I will be definitely traveling with Norse again. Ps...Norse need to work on an app for both Android and iOS.

Crew at airport who completed boarding were incredibly and blatantly rude and unhelpful. 0/10 customer service. I was going to upgrade my seat to first class and upon asking, I was met with an awful attitude so I changed my mind.

Boarding was a disaster. 2 hours in line to get boarding passes and we had no luggage to check in. Coffee was $4 so is water. 11 and a half hour’s flight and food was not included. You could purchase the food but it was complete garbage, This is worse than spirit airline. Never again

Cheap Flights from London to Orlando Airport from £141 | (LON - MCO) - KAYAK (2024)


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